Chkfake Enforce

Chkfake Enforce streamlines and digitizes the enforcement process against infringements, providing unparalleled visibility and control in the program and driving more successful enforcements.


Most organisations manage enforcement against infringers through third party agencies manually using emails and phone calls. This leads to time and information loss, leading to delays and low productivity.

Chkfake Enforce captures data at every point in the enforcement process, bringing the benefits of digitization to close value leaks and deliver more visibility and control in the program.


Streamlined workflows

Brands work with multiple third party agencies for enforcements and managing them is a complex process involving non-standard workflows.

Chkfake Enforce uses digitization to streamline and standardize workflows, making it smooth to work with multiple internal and external stakeholders.

Incident Management

Brand protection teams spent unproductive time in manually managing multiple enforcement actions across agencies and geographies through phone calls and emails.

Chkfake Enforce offers status visibility of incidents as well as system follow-ups to allow teams to spend their time in driving more successful enforcements.

Transparent Investigations

There is a trust deficit between Brands and third party agencies as Brands don’t have visibility of field investigators’ conducting investigative actions on their behalf.

Chkfake Enforce offers a dedicated Investigator app which enables validation of every investigative action in the market, making the entire process transparent.

Auto report consolidation

Consolidating reports across field investigators by a third party agency, and across agencies by the Brand is a time consuming process.

With Chkfake Enforce, data is captured at the lowest level at every point in the process, allowing report consolidation at the touch of a button.


Measurement is crucial to any program, allowing objectives to be set, strategies to be refined and success to be showcased. In most brand protection program, this is missing or manually managed.

Chkfake Enforce measures every aspect of the program, enabling continuous improvement and driving visibility and management support.

Powerful analytics

Chkfake’s Insight dashboards are interactive and updated in real time. They provide visual heat maps to easily zoom into infringement hot spots with drill down capability by user group, geography, product, and time right down to incident level access.

The dashboards are the nerve centre to drive the lead capture program of the Brand.


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