The Chkfake Platform deploys an end to end approach that is hyper focused on reclaiming the brand’s lost revenue to infringements.

It enables easy capture and prioritization of infringement leads as well as swift take down of supply sources.

Chkfake LeadcatchTM

Infringement leads are valuable as they point to supply sources of counterfeits and knockoffs.

Chkfake Leadcatch is a standardized lead capture tool which allows you to harvest high quality infringement leads at scale from across your value chain.

Increase high quality infringement leads by 7 times with Chkfake Leadcatch.

Chkfake EnforceTM

Chkfake Enforce streamlines and digitizes the enforcement process against infringements, providing unparalleled visibility and control in the program and driving more successful enforcements.

Increase successful enforcements by up to 3 times with Chkfake Enforce.

How it Works

Capture Leads. Take Down Supply Points. Measure Outcomes.

Where are your brand’s counterfeits and knockoffs being sold? Who is selling them? What is their source of supply?

The Chkfake Platform helps answer these questions. It enables Brands to capture infringement leads from their value chain at scale and shut down high value infringement supply points.

Scale-up capture of Infringement Leads

Harvest leads from the entire value chain with a standardized lead capture tool. Get high quality evidence in real time for easy prioritization and decision making.

Streamlined Enforcement

Assign infringement leads to third party agency partners for further investigative or legal action. Swiftly identify and shut down infringement supply points with a streamlined process.

Transparent Investigations

Get visibility of all actions of field investigators. Build trust between 3rd party investigative agencies and the Brand.

Powerful Insights

Data capture at the lowest disaggregated level and a single data repository allows powerful analytics to inform strategy, easy report consolidation and measurement of outcomes.

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