Chkfake LeadcatchTM

Infringement leads are valuable as they point to supply sources of counterfeits and knockoffs. Chkfake LeadcatchTM is a standardized lead capture tool which allows you to harvest high quality infringement leads at scale from across your value chain. Increase high quality infringement leads by 7 times with Chkfake LeadcatchTM.


Chkfake Leadcatch
Infringement leads either get lost in organization layers and multiple communication channels or are not actively mined. Chkfake LeadcatchTM allows Brands to harvest high quality leads from across their value chain. This proactive approach enables Brands to keep a more comprehensive eye out for infringements.

Scan wider for infringement leads

The wider the net is cast, the more infringement leads are harvested, the more high value infringers can be taken out. Chkfake LeadcatchTM is built to support a proactive infringement lead capture program. It enables multiple stakeholders to easily report infringement intelligence from the market.

Easy to Adopt

Chkfake LeadcatchTM is easily customizable to the Brand’s needs of specific evidence or information capture. It can be ready to deploy in a couple of hours. Available as an independent app (iOS and Android) as well as a plug-in that can integrate with existing Brand front ends like a website or a sales app.

Easily identify infringements

Chkfake LeadcatchTM can integrate any anti-counterfeiting technology in its workflow to easily identify fakes. It is an ideal global platform even with markets deploying different technologies. It is built to also capture other infringement leads such as knockoffs or market intelligence. It can also deliver video tutorials on brand guidelines or packaging features.

High quality leads for swift prioritisation

Chkfake LeadcatchTM captures seller details, geolocation and infringing product images. It can be customized to capture any other evidence required by the Brand. The Brand team saves time and effort in clarifying incomplete information and can prioritise leads based on reported evidence.

Real time alerts

Infringement leads get lost or delayed in navigating through layers of organization or multiple communication channels. With Chkfake LeadcatchTM, decision makers in the organization get alerts in real time as soon as the lead is captured, reducing time to action.

Powerful analytics

Chkfake’s Insight dashboards are interactive and updated in real time. They provide visual heat maps to easily zoom into infringement hot spots with drill down capability by user group, geography, product, and time right down to incident level access. The dashboards are the nerve centre to drive the lead capture program of the Brand.

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Chkfake Leadcatch

Do you know where your fakes are?

Counterfeiting and other infringements such as knockoffs, replicas etc. are today a globally flourishing business involving extremely complex supply...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I worry about infringements?
Infringements like fakes and knockoffs steal the brand’s hard earned reputation and its revenue by deceiving the customer into buying their substandard product. Shutting them down will help the brand reclaim its lost revenue.
I already get leads from customer complaints. Why isn’t that enough?
A large proportion of customers don’t realise they have purchased an infringing product. Even the ones who do, hardly ever complain. Relying on just customer complaints to get visibility of infringements in the market is extremely inadequate.
It is difficult enough getting the sales team or distributors doing sales. Why burden them with additional responsibility?
The sales team and channel have their eyes on the ground. They also have the most to gain from shutting down infringements. After actual selling, the most impactful use of their time is to generate infringement leads which can directly translate into sales.
Different markets are using different anti-counterfeiting technologies on the product. Will it be possible to implement this solution?
Not only can Leadcatch integrate with any anti-counterfeiting technology, it can also report other types of leads such as market intelligence, suspect product based on visual inspection etc. It’s ideal to use is as a single lead reporting solution across markets.
We already have an app for the sales team. Can we use this solution?
Leadcatch is available as an independent and customizable app for the brand owner. It is also available as a plug-in for the brand’s existing front end solutions like a sales app or website. The user experience and the quality of analytics remains the same in either case.
If someone comes across an infringement in the market, they immediately inform the Legal team. Why do I need this?
Less than 5% of infringements get reported. Even the ones that do, are lost or delayed or incomplete due to multiple communication channels or organization layers. It is a huge waste of the Legal team’s time to keep track of these kind of leads.
How can I generate leads from my customers and channel?
We have seen remarkable success in running a small reward and recognition program aimed at the channel to orient them to capture infringement intelligence from the market. For customers, a simple integration with the brand’s website or anti-counterfeiting technology does the trick.
I am limited by my enforcement budget. If there are too many leads, I won’t be able to do anything about them.
Infringers avoid a more proactive brand, and if the brand goes aggressively against them, it is highly likely that infringements will reduce over time and so would the leads. This is a one-time investment with significant revenue and reputation gains for the brand.